How to Find UK Artists

In today’s world, the first place most people search to find information about people, places or potential purchases, is the internet. Nowhere is this more true than in the field of art. Although there are, at any one time, exhibitions at art galleries in several UK cities, these tend to cater for the best-known artists, or for particular themes. Not only is it costly and time consuming for many of us to travel to these exhibitions, unless we live in London or one of the other large cities such as Newcastle or Edinburgh, but we may often be unsure that what we see will be of interest. The cost of buying such works of art may also be prohibitive for the average person. This is where the website comes in.

Digital cameras make it possible for us to see photographs of many different art works, regardless of where they are actually situated in the UK. In the space of an hour, we can view the work of several artists, to see whether their style appeals, whether the price range is affordable and whether the size of the oil painting, or other medium, is suitable for the room where we envisage it to live.

The real skill in showing an artist’s work effectively on the internet, however, comes from the presentation and impact of the actual website. A person may be a brilliant artist, but it is less likely that they also have the expertise to design the pages of their website so that they are eye-catching, informative, interesting and easily navigable. For this, the services of the experts are required. The advantage of using a company such as Indigoextra Ltd, established in 2006, is that their skilled designers have not only the technical expertise to create an outstanding website, but the empathy that is necessary when working with creative artists. Another valuable contribution is the ability to maintain, through skilled SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) the prominent position the website deserves.